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English IO help

So basically my official IO is due in 2 weeks time and honestly was j hoping to get sum like verification for my analysis. So if any of u guys hv the time could u j go through it? 

Global Issue: Morality within administration of justice

Literary text: Master Harold & the Boys(MHTB

The extract I have chosen displays the spitting scene in MHTB 

“A real Basuto arse... which is about as n-word as they come” 
Usage of verbal irony by Sam, through the mockery of his own skin tone contrasting with how Sam is supposed to represent an ideal South African society. The degradation of himself partially connects to how defendants when faced with immorality within the justice system, are forced to succumb to this false ideal  of justice rather than facing a righteous form of justice.

“Hally spits in his face” 
Usage of dramatic and situation irony. 
Dramatic irony is created because the viewer expects a scene of retribution matching the idea of perfect justice, but is instead surprised by the spit, which symbolises a form of administration of justice, being imposed on Sam. This display emphasises Fugards ideals and purpose behind his playwright often being driven around displaying institutional racism present within South African society

Situational irony is created by Hally’s contrast in power held within himself in the form of power he is born with as power as a white man. The irony lies in the fact that Hally has no power over his emotions, seen through the fact that his judgement is defined by his lack of self control rather than the power he holds over Sam and Willie. 

So this is part of what I have. I do some analysis on the repetition of “just” and “kind” and also mentioning the specific usage of Basuto and the n-word, but I’m not sure how relevant that is to my global issue. 

If u guys could gimme sum advice that would be great

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Hi atharv12356576876,

I think your analysis seems really well thought out, I just don't know if it is very relevant to the global issue you've chosen.  I'm unfamiliar with the text to which you are referring so I don't know how much help I can be to you.  From what I just read of your analysis it sounds more like internal bias or discrimination and I didn't see much that was specific to the administation of justice (but maybe you get into that more later).

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