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TOK presentation with an RLS of Euthanasia

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I have my final TOK presentation next week and I am struggling a bit on an outline(what to talk about) for my TOK presentation. 

My knowledge question is: "How can we trust ethical decisions?" - with an RLS on euthanasia 

Was wondering if anyone has ideas on how I could outline my presentation? What I could talk about, in terms of claims and counterclaims? 

Thanks x

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My grandmother had euthanasia done. She had COPD, and she was in terrible health condition, not able to enjoy her time with me as she had with her older grandchildren. But, when I was nine years old, the time, we feared, came. Her health was decreasing rapidly, and she had already discussed euthanasia. My experience was positive, but I've heard many stories contradicting. Why did my grandmother have the ability to decide this, and the euthanasia being executed, when other people or family members can not? Who should be able to decide? When should people be able to decide this, when life is good, or when life is bad?

I think, I'm too late with this post, but I hope to help any other write their essay.

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