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So i'm picking my EE research question. I picked Psychology and I have a few rq's made but I'm not really sure what to pick. There are a few I made so I was hoping i could ask people which one seems to be best for an EE. (Also if you have any suggestions or advice on making an ee question/topic/title or how to improve them that would be great too!)

- To what extent does fear affect the memory?

- To what extent does social media affect a person's personality?

- How does depression affect the type and frequency of a person's dreams?

- To what extent can childhood trauma influence the development of OCD?

- To what extent does a person's upbringing (how their parents raised them/the environment they grew up in) influence their beliefs and/or morals?

- What is the extent of the effects of the nocebo effect?

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I would just recommend you pick the question you're most interested in, just make sure you have lots of research materials available for it.  Don't stress to much about your initial question, mine RQ for my EE changed about 5 times durning my research and revision.

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