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Hi everyone. I'm having a little trouble with my Math IA.,

I would like to do the topic "The Mathematics behind Medical Testing", where I would speak about false positives / false negatives and the probability of getting them. However, I don't know where to get data from. Am I supposed to make up a hypothetical situation / disease and then make fake numbers for it ? Is that even allowed..? 

I would be using conditional probability to find the probability of a student testing positive for the XYZ disease, actually having the disease. 

I would be using the conditional probability formula, but I'm finding that the math is very limited (there's not much to do). Therefore I think I need more data (data from an actual disease rather than my own made up example) or maybe more calculations. But I don't know what else there would be to calculate and I don't know where to get the false positive, false negative, true positive and true negative data for diseases from. Are there any data sources for this information?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really really appreciate it.


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