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I've been using this forum for a while now and have been trying to help out. A lot many questions are on whether the particular IA/IB topics are relevant. However, many seem to discount good English and effective communication out of the picture. Even if one chooses a not so good essay, how it can be crisply conveyed matters the most. Those having their exams in 2022 or later have enough time in their hands to work on their language. It is best to drill the basics and learn them hard. Work on them for 15-30 mins every day. Start writing short sentences in active voice and then full-fledged essays. This process would help better prepare for exams. However, for those having their exams in 2021, time would be a concern for this drill. So what one could do is to check with online writing tools. These tools act as a virtual teacher, constantly correcting one at every stage. Once one understands where he/she goes wrong, it is easier to correct and improve. All the best.

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