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I need help choosing a Research Question for my History IA topic. So far I have brainstormed the following:

- To what extent was Stalin's First 5 Year Plan successful?

- To what extent was the Stalin's First 5 Year Plan motivated by political/economic/ideological reasons? ( I will choose one of the factors)

- To what extent were the methods employed in Stalin's First 5 Year Plan successful in meeting its aims?

- To what extent was collectivisation successful in increasing the industrial output/meeting the aims of Stalin's First 5 Year Plan?

- To what extent was the Marshall Plan implemented for political reasons?

- To what extent was the Marshall Plan responsible for the economic revival of Europe?

- To what extent was the Marshall Plan designed to consolidate/establish US Hegemony/domination?


I would greatly appreciate your opinion about the suitability of these topics


Thank you 

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