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I have had a couple ideas now, but none of them seem to work out and i am running out of time, i guess i could say that i am desperate. My first idea was to look for bacteria in cosmetics, but i needed to choose one bacteria specifically, and i just knew that i would not be able to justify choosing that specific bacteria and justify its relevance, if anyone's got any ideas, i would love to hear them (if i wasn't clear, i don't know how to justify the relevance of looking for a certain bacteria in cosmetics). I was also thinking about testing the effectiveness of foundations with an spf factor, but i can't find a methodology to test it, i thought about using a thermal camera and seeing the temperature of the skin after using each spf factor, but i have no proof that the higher the body temperature is, after bathing in the sun, the higher the protection of the spf. Besides, there are also so many variables, the humidity, the temperature of the day, the person's skin color,... 

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