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Hello, I was wondering if historical interpretations and direct quotations of historians are essential in an essay (paper 2 and 3) for an "evaluation of different perspectives". Sometimes I find it hard to find historical interpretations for everything (plus, do you know how I can find them more easily if they are not in the textbooks?)

Thank you in advance!

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11 hours ago, WE591S said:

Hi! A couple of years back using historical quotes and references was necessary. Now, it is not. You „evaluation of perspectives” is more abour you being aware that the situation you’re writing about has more than one side to it and there are different reasons for the event to happen. Using actual references and quotes is warmly seen by the IB, but 100% not necessary. Don’g waste your time researching and remembering those. Focus on the course itself to remember as many facts as possible to write a good full essay. This is definetely the most important part. 


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