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IA - Could this be plagiarism?

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Hey so I have a question. If lets say I do my IA in biology and follow an experiment that has been done before but I change a few things to make it my own?  e.g the effect of temperature on seed germination but instead of copying the exact temperature conditions, I come up with my own. Is it plagiarism? Do you have to come up with your own experiment?I'm freaking out :(

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Hi. It is perfectly acceptable to get ideas from other people's projects. However, you should only get an idea, not repeat the experiment. Like you mentioned, you were going to change the temperature conditions - this is good. Can you also come up with some other variables that were not included in the experiment you are using as guidance? Or - you could substitute the temperature with humidity. I would suggest to have three experiments that have varying variables and then go to your teacher for approval.


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