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Trying to do Bio and Computer Science

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So basically, I have two paths that I want to go down and it just depends what and how I do in school. So I have chosen my subjects and then change them even untill the start of next year if needed. So bascially, I choose computer science because I want to have this pathway avaliable as this is most likely what I choose but I might change my mind later on. I chose bio cause I want to maybe do something biology or maybe med related. But I heard on from other Ib students on this site that chemistry is also required but if I do choose bio or med, then I would need to replace chemistry with computer science. This is due to the fact that I have to do a humanites subject which I have opted for psychology. I just wanted to know if I have to take chem to do bio in university or does it depend on what you are trying to do. 


As a sidenote, does becoming a medical scientest and the courses you do in uni require you to take chem in school. Also, a medical scientest is not the same as becomg a doctor and encompasses things such as biomed, cancer researcher and toxiolgist.


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