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Im really unsure about my subjects + future

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Hi everyone,

I just started year 12 this week. Unsure of what I wanted to do in the future, I chose HL Chem, Bio, Econ and SL Eng Lang Lit, Chinese B and Math AA. Now that I have had at least one session with each subject, I'm really starting to doubt my choices.

Firstly, I dont really know what career would require the 3 HL's that I have chosen. I know that Chem and bio would be good for medicine but I believe that HL Math was important to have as well. Furthermore, I dont have any desire to study medicine, nor do I think that I am smart enough for medicine, and to do well in these subjects.

I had my first Econ class today and I felt so uncomfortable the whole time. I have almost no background knowledge around economics and found myself struggling to participate in the class discussions. It seems like everyone in my class has a good understanding about economics already. This really makes me doubt whether I'm suited for HL Econ.

Due to the fact that I didn't have any clear plan for my future, I just picked subjects that I thought were respectable and "smart". I did this because I got 7/7 overall for all subjects except Physical education. I realised that there is no subject that I particularly enjoy or am passionate about, except for Art and parts of Biology. I had also thought about taking HL psych (which interested me) but rejected the idea as I was unsure as to what "good" careers it could lead to, also worrying about the workload for chem,bio and psych together.

So basically, I've been thinking about whether I should try to change my subjects. I feel that I would enjoy Psychology much more than economics (but it's only been one class so I could catch up..) and I have really been thinking about HL Art. However, it seems like HL Art isnt a good choice for someone like me, that isn't 100% sure of my future career path. And economics is a better option for future careers than psych.

Speaking of my future career, the only things I have ever thought before were involved with teaching (a subject at an international school maybe) and maybe a job that was psychology related (crime etc?). But now im not sure of anything. Im completely lost

I would really like any advice to help clear my head and help me go down a road that I will enjoy and be successful in. Thank you for taking your time to read through smile.png

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I totally empathize with you as this is the very anxiety i planted in my own head after choosing my subjects (did I not leave enough options open for myself? What if i dont get into my chosen program and not have any other alternatives?) and all this even though i had always known i dont want to work in the STEM field even if I got good grades in those subjects ( i maintained an overall percentage of 95%+ in my previous year). But guess what choosing the subjects that you like and studying it with interest to get good grades would be less of a hell IB journey than struggling through subjects you don't like for 2 continuous years. 

(My subjects: Eng Lang& Lit HL, Spanish Ab, Econ HL, Bio HL, Math SL, Visual Arts SL)

For the matter of your future career, have you heard of Criminology? Cause your description of your dream job absolutely aligns with that! 


for reference:




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