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Keep the M2021 exams. Don't repeat the unfair 2020 grading system!

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Keep the M2021 exams. Don't repeat the unfair 2020 grading system!

Whether you are a M2020 alumni, an IB teacher, or a frequent visitor of the r/IBO subreddit, you know what happened to last year's IB exams, and the response it has. Students taking it onto social media calling it an unfair and ridiculous system of grading. Why?

You sit nervously waiting for your grade which you worked hard for. You know you're going to score well because you got straight 7's in your school tests and you got predicted a 43. Your coordinator emails you your grade and you can't wait to be accepted into that conditional offer at Havard or Cambridge.... Then, that face of dread - you receive a mid 30. All offers rejected. 2 years of hard work and constant revision - wasted.

So what's the point of this? It isn't one or two people thinking that the system of grading is unfair - its millions of IB students comparing with a random integer generator found off the internet. It's about losing that place at the top University you were promised due to your hardwork throughout the years - and to some students in Asian regions like in South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, it's about getting a whole different level of salary as they have to do a different career.

There is absolutely no point of this system of grading. Yet, there is nothing preventing the IB from repeating this process again. There is also nothing preventing certain students from actively pleading the IB to carry out this process, perhaps because of their country's COVID status. But there are a number of regions that has a good control over COVID and that their governments have no problem in public examinations - as long as safety measures are in place.

Alumni, teachers and M2021 students, let's take a step and prevent IB from repeating this process. THere are many possible alternatives to cancelling the exams, such as the recent adaptations to subjects, splitting the exams into different sessions for half the year group. Afterall, there is no benefit of cancelling the exams.




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