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Is this a good RLS and KQ?


On the 26th April 1986, one of the worst nuclear disasters in human history occurred in Ukraine. Nuclear reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl plant exploded, which caused a massive steam explosion. The resulting fallout was highly radioactive, and spanned a huge geographic area, thus contaminating a wide amount of space. Investigations conclude that the explosion was due to a flawed reactor design that was operated by inadequately trained personnel. It is known that 2 workers died in the initial explosion, while Acute radiation Syndrome (ARS) was diagnosed in 237 people onsite 28 others died of it within 3 months following the accident. In addition, the number of thyroid cancer diagnoses were unnaturally high following the incident.


To further understand, I needed to decontextualize the situation. First, a nuclear power plant explodes, this leads the scientific community to examine the situation and to wonder what could’ve caused the accident, it leads others to wonder whether it could’ve been prevented. Thus, this leads me to my two knowledge questions, “What is the role of imagination and intuition in reaching a scientific consensus?” and “To what extent may reasoning and intuition be used to analyze prior events, and could this knowledge be used to predict the outcome of future events?”
So, a combination of these initial questions leads to my central knowledge question, “How do other areas of knowledge affect our understanding of scientific and historical truths, and is there scientific truth?”

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