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So I'm doing my Econ IA on inflation, on this article: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jul/15/uk-inflation-rises-as-game-console-prices-increase-in-lockdown-coronavirus

I want to talk about the type of inflation to be able to draw a diagram and explain it. The increase in gaming consoles is cost pull/demand pull, I know that one. But the other type of inflation is coming from lack of summer sales from fashion so prices of the clothing has stayed the same when it typically goes down due usual season sales. ("The ONS said clothing prices had not followed the standard seasonal pattern this year because of the impact of the coronavirus crisis, with the usual summer sales failing to materialise as much of the high street was closed.") What type of inflation is this since it neither fits demand pull or push? What diagram should I draw for it? 

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