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Database physics IA

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Coming up with physics IA is sooooo hard. Bio is usually database and chem, there are some databases, but physics, no one does database. But, because of coronavirus, my school is forced to do database IA... So I did some research but the databases are usually about astrophysics, which is not in the IB syllabus except for options. So, is it possible to do an experiment at home? (I know there has to be a supervisor confirming that you did the experiment but can't you do the experiment at home and take pictures of it?)

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I'm not sure how your school does it but at my school we got a week to work on our IAs for Math SL and Physics SL. For Physics SL, my experiment was on the correlation between light intensity and 3 polarizers instead of 2. I scored pretty well (7) and I did my experiment at home (since it was simple and required a dark room. I think you definitely can do the experiment at home and my teacher did not object to it since we didn't have much class time to work on our IAs.

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