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Help with my Spanish Extended Essay!!

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I chose to do my ee in Spanish. Great. Well, I’ve been talking to my advisor but still lost. We’ve neared my ee being about magical realism in “Like Water for Chocolate/Como Agua Para Chocolate” but idk how to actually MAKE a research question if that makes sense. Like okay i got the magical realism and the story but like how do i put these 4000 words onto paper?

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I just finished reading that book in my IB Spanish class!  My advice is to look at some example essays in English Literature and look at how they format their research questions.  Focus on figuring out what you're arguing the magical realism does for the novel. For example, does it help bridge the cultural divide, express the character's feelings, offer a unique view of the character's world, exaggerate exact plot points or ideas, or provide comic relief to balance out some of the story's more depressing elements?

Here are some examples of how you could format your question once you decide what to focus on.

How does Laura Esquivel use magical realism in her novel Como Agua to portray/convey _______________?

TWE does magical realism play a role in ____________ in Como Agua Para Chocolate?

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