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What Should I do? (May 2020 Exam Results)

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I received my May 2020 grades and it is just disappointing. I received 33 points (Maths HL 4, English HL 6, Physics HL 6, French SL 5, History SL 6, Chemistry SL 4). Now, originally I was planning to take a gap year and do the November exams. However, I need help deciding what subjects I should retake. The courses I would like to do are the Informatics course at Edinburgh (34-37 - 666/655) and Imperial EIE (38 - 666).

I received my IA grades and I got 5s in Chem and Maths, 7 in Physics, and 6s in English/History. So far, I am determined to sit the November exams in maths, chem, physics and french as I believe I could get up to 8 more points, totalling my point score to 41, which I feel is what i deserved. Any advice would be helpful. 

Btw, I know clearing is an option, but I believe that I deserve much more and the courses I want to do are hard to get into, especially with a 4 in Maths HL. 


The IB gave me an A in TOK and an B in EE. However it says on my report that I got BB. Is this a mistake or did they not factor in the TOK presentation. 




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