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I would be grateful if anyone would help me with the following question:

I got my results and in Math I got a 6 (with 1 point away from a 7) and in Biology I got a 6 also (with 2 points away from a 7).

I knew that this year the remarking system is different from past years, as there is a new "tolerance grade" set for each subject, according to the IB "Enquiries Upon Results (EURs) for May 2020" report.

In this regards, I was thinking of asking for a remark in both subjects. Do you advise me to do that or is there a risk of lowering my grade or is it unworthy in these new set "tolerance" rules? (Please note that I am at the top grade percentage of a 6 in both subjects).

I will appreciate any advice and feedback on the subject, as it will differ so much in my total grade.


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