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I am currently doing a pre-IB curriculum, and for my group 3 and 4 subjects I have chosen economics and physics respectively. Only recently have I realised that my school does not provide SL econ and physics, and whilst I am happy to take HL physics, I remain skeptical about taking HL economics, as I have no intentions of doing an economics-related major in university. 

The only reason I chose economics in the frist place was because the only other group 3 offerings were psychology and business management, both of which I have even less interest in. However, I would be able to take SL for those subjects and free up a HL subject. Is this advisable? I am already in semester 2 of grade 10, and I do not know what the difficulty level of the other two subjects will be or whether they would be better than economics.


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Hi, majority of people in my class who want to major in sciences and have no interest in group 3 subjects have taken business management as it is said to be, although not very interesting to many of them, quite easy and manageable, so if you're not really into economics and don't need it for uni, I would advise taking business instead of economics since you would have to take it at HL.

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