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math hl ia very desperate for help

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I posted yesterday about my math ia, now I have another idea that im not sure of the math part of. I'm very much in panic mode which is why im jumping from topic to topic without really doing good research first. I'm scared I will spend too much time and find it to be too hard or too simple since I have very limited time.

I was wondering if I could do a real life situation regarding optimization. It sounded simple at first but after a tiny bit of research I saw that it can get complex. For example, finding the best route for an airplane to achieve minimal time seemed like a good idea. I think it would include Graph Theory Algorithms as I saw but again im not sure. Does anyone have an idea on this, is it a good topic? Worth starting my research on it?

Thank you in advance

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I might be late in answering. But if this is the kind of dilemma you're facing then I could help with a sustainable solution. If you have some time in deciding your topic, the best you could do is, not think of the topic immediately. Instead you can spend some time on looking through interesting topics others have chosen and compare it to the generic ones. Meanwhile you have to do the important stuff. Study and practice the mathematical concepts well and think how they are applicable in the real world while simultaneously trying to use your leisure time to watch vlogs, movies, documentaries on some interesting mathematical concepts. What this would help you achieve is bring out a topic organically and that could solve your dilemma. If you do not have time, then work on the simpler mathematical concepts. They're available in plenty and easier to do.

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