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UK Unis and their new Math requirements.

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Hi everyone! hope you're all having a lovely day.

I'm currently a Year 11 student moving into IBDP (Class of '22) and I'm planning to major in Psychology in the future. My current chosen subjects are Psychology, Biology and Geo at HL level, and Math AI, Chinese B SL Fast-Track and English Lang & Lit at Standard Level.
I've looked through many websites for UK unis and I have yet found any specific math requirement? (whether or not I need to take Math AI HL or if it's okay to take Math AI SL) and I was wondering whether or not someone on here could help me with that!

If you have any idea of whether or not it's required to take Math AI HL or SL for psych in unis such as UCL KCL Bath Edinburgh etc. please let me know!
(Some unis such as KCL specified it's preferred that I take either 1 or 2 out of 6 of the preferred subjects and I'm taking 2 at higher level so....)

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I think you could just check the requirements for other unis as you (probably) did for KCL. But I did check the reqirements for UCL and Edinburgh and they both have a range of subjects from which you should have 2 at HL and for Edinburgh, all 3 that you have are the ones to choose from. So it's fine as you meet the requirements, there is no need for you to take Maths HL.

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