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Hello! I am a rising 11th grader and initially selected the courses: HL History, HL Geography, HL English LL, SL Spanish LL, SL Biology, and SL Math Applications and Interpretation. I am considering to switch from HL Geography to HL Biology, and change to SL Math Analysis. However, I would then have two very content heavy HL courses (Bio and History), which I have heard very bad things about. How do-able is it to do these courses together?

Could someone also provide feedback on the new maths courses? While I heard that universities do not care which one you pick unless you study a mathematical field, I am aware that  SL Math Applications and Interpretation is akin to Math Studies- this has droven me to rethink my decision.

I have a consellor appointment tommorrow which will be my last chance to switch courses- PLEASE, please provide some feedback ASAP. 

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Hey, I personally think that Bio is not very demanding and content-heavy, I am not taking History, though, but I heard that this course is quite demanding and so is English LL HL. But, even considering that, I think that this combination is doable, not the easiest possible, but also not the hardest and it probably opens up more uni courses (if you're not sure what you want to study yet) than having Geography HL.

When it comes to Maths, Math AI SL is very similar to Math studies, maybe a bit more difficult, from what I've heard from my friends, but still, in most cases it's probably an easy 7. Maths AA SL is similar to the old SL, so it contains some more 'real Maths' like functions, calculus, trigonometry etc. When it comes to uni, it depends where and what you want to study, if you have any idea of the course at least, you could check the requirements. Also, even if the uni doesn't necessarily distinguish these courses (doesn't care when it comes to requirements), generally, it 'looks better' to have Maths AA in my opinion, especially if you're applying for more scientific courses. But on the other hand, if you're rather bad at Maths, it might make more sense to take Math AI.

If you have any more questions, let me know!

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