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I personally use Google Calendar for planning my days/weeks, I also put all my assignments there, both the school ones as well as all the other extracurriculars and things I need to get done. Especially now, during online classes, I schedule all my classes and then plan my day around them. And I tend to put the assignments as a "whole day event" so that the ones with the deadline on that day, are always at the top of the day so I don't forget them.

Besides that, I use Google Keep which has kind of "sticky notes" to create to do lists, so for example when I have topic tests in 3 subjects in a given week, I can write down which subtopics I need to prepare notes for/revise.

Apart from that I use Momentum Chrome Extension which gives you a very beautiful picture and a quote whenever you open a new tab. But the best thing is that it has an option to add a daily to do list so that everytime you open a new tab, you can see what you have to do.

I was really struggling with this and tried a lot of different apps but these solutions, although seem simple, work best for me.

Hope that helps! :)

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