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HELP for History EE Research Question

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Hello fellow procrastinators,

I am just beginning my EE (history) and I have been encountering problems because of my research question. Currently my question is: “How has the Filipino immigration experience evolved over the course of the 1950s-2000s within the US?” My supervisor told me that it was to broad and doesn't suggest an analytical response. Right now I've bee trying to brainstorm for alternatives and created new questions:

To what extent does immigration influence identity?

To what extent does immigration influence culture?

Though it seems more analytical, I still think the question is too broad, and doesn't even seem like a historical analysis. I've been trying to find specific events to narrow down my time frame, but found nothing that seemed to work with immigration between the US and the Philippines.

I appreciate any help!

Thank you,

idontknownanymore 😀

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