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EE topic - Help!!!

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Hi, so I am writing EE in history on the topic "To what extent can Peter Tkachev be called the forerunner of the Bolshevik revolution?". My teacher accepted the topic at first and said that I should create an outline so that she will be sure that it is good. After the outline she said that she accepts it and I can start writing but now after I submitted the first half to her, se suddenly sayd that she is not sure wheter the topic would qualify as history EE and if its good. Now, I have a question, did any of you guys write a history EE doing ideology analysis (I am anaylising the extent in which Tkachev's views were simmilar to the actual Bolshevik revolution)? Does it qualify as hisotry EE? If not then do any of you have an idea of quick, easy and good topic on which I can write me EE? I am way behind schedule now thus I'm asking. Please help I lterally don't have any clue what to do rn :((

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