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So I am to write an EE in economics and need help with choosing a good question. So far I have three ideas:
  1. I would examine how implementations of Sunday shopping restrictions in Poland affected retail sales/shopping malls in my city. It might not be that hard to find data, as the local statistic bureau is collecting some and there is something interesting to write about as one brand managed to get around the law and now is almost a monopoly when it comes to Sunday shopping. On the other hand, I don't see clearly which part of the syllabus I will use with such an essay, maybe a little bit of market structures and overall level of economic activity...
  2. I would examine how effective are subsidies for PV installations in my region. This time hard to find data, however relatively easy to find economics concepts: subsidies, externalities, maybe even something behavioral.
  3. The third idea is to write something about the job market during the fourth industrial revolution (on a small scale of course) I am thinking about it as it was topic of this year national economic Olympiad so I already know some useful staff (however I am not sure if it is even doable).
Of course, there is also a COVID lockdown, dropping oil prices, etc... however, this stuff is really a recent one and I am not sure if there would be data that would explicitly show some trends/effects on the real economy within next few months. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help.


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