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Help On Topic Choice For Geo EE

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Hey guys,

So recently, our teacher has took us through the beginning of the EE process and we are sending him topics for approval. I sent him a whole list of potential ideas I have for my essay and he replied that they all have potential and that I should pick one. He also mentions that the more local it is, the more better. Which one of these topics appeal to you the most:


- To what extent is the land use efficient for construction of the Section C dam of the Peace River near Fort St. John, BC?
- To what extent does the geography of British Columbia's coastline aid in the defense of the nation?
- How has the fertility of the Okanagan Valley contributed to the tourism of the region?
- In what ways are the Bay of Fundy tidal power projects affecting the marine biosphere in the Maritimes?
- What role does the Coquihalla Highway serve as a commercial link between the Lower Mainland and the Interior?
- How have geographic engineering processes in Canada's Rocky Mountain parks supported wildlife ecosystems within those lands?
- What role does the logging industry play in relation to the deteriorating air quality in Prince George, BC?
- What effects did the rerouting of Highway 99 have on the economic growth on the municipalities of Surrey, Delta, and White Rock?
- What role does the wastewater treatment by Victoria, BC play in the health of the marine ecosystems around Vancouver Island?
- What is the importance of the oceanic climate of Vancouver in regards to its drinking water supply?


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