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Hiya everyone!

New around here.

My family is moving abroad (my parent's home country) and I'll be taking the IB from September. My parents speak the language; I don't apart from a few phrases, greetings, etc. However, I'm a little worried as I have chosen to do HL Language B for this language.

During lockdown, I have been going through the Duolingo course for the language, have an online tutor for three times a week from next week and we'll be moving to the country about 2 months before I start - will this be enough to get me up to scratch so that I'm able to take HL Language B - what kind of fluency is expected when you start?

It's worth pointing out that this language is European and close to English, making it faster to pick up.

Thanks :) 

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Well, I'm taking English B HL and find it the easiest class, however, I'm not a native speaker and don't want to show off hahah, but, apart from the fact that I don't know all words in English (and will never know ofc), I'm fluent enough to understand all without any problems - I sometimes need to check a few words in a dictionary while reading a book or watching a movie, but that's it.

What I mean by this, you need around that level to be able to get a good grade in langauge B HL - in our class, all people have to take it at HL (or Eng A L&L at SL/HL if they want to, I started with it, but decided that it's basically too much work, as we all have to have Polish A as well). Anyway, what I mean is, all people in our class have to have Eng B HL at least (because ofc Eng A is more difficult), but at the same time, all people who wanted to get into our class had to pass an additional test, apart from normal exams that all people in Poland do, which was at B2-C1 level. So I would say, you need at least a good B2 to have a language B at HL.

Are you studying any other foreign language which is similar to that language (besides the fact that it's similar to English)? I think it is doable to achieve such level, especially if you are going to live there before the new school year starts, so you will be immersed into the language, but it also depends on how hard this language is in general and how much hardwork you put into it. Is it possible for you to take it as SL or even ab initio? That would be much easier.

Hope that helps a bit!

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