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Genre choosing of oral commentary in self-taught literature

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Hello everyone, 

As written in the prescribed questiones which was given by the IB offcial, the genre which I am going to choose extract from is 'novel'. However, as far as I understand, all the questions for prose fiction are the same, which means that those prescribed questions are also the same for genre 'short story'. I did not notice this slight difference between 'novel' and 'short story' in English language. Because in my first language, novel and short story was decribed by the same word (so they are literally the same) and I thought if my genre is novel, I can choose from either short novel or long novel.

In short, if my 'genre to be used' is novel, can I still choose extract from short story? (P.S. the prescribed questions are exactly the same)

Thank you very much! I wish all of you stay healthy.



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