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Sooo I've been juggling a couple of ideas but my first was to analyse Avatar: The Last Airbender as a EE in Film. That was pretty quickly rejected because of the fact that writing an EE in a course that isn't offered in your school is just a really bad idea... I got really discouraged after something I was so excited to do was rejected flat out.

Anyhow, I'm now writing my EE in Lang and Lit and analyzing ads. My research question is something along the lines of: To what extent are traditional gender roles projected in contemporary America through Super Bowl commercials?

It has been approved, but I'm not incredibly excited for it, I mean it's cool but what can be cooler than ATLA, right? That's why I wanted to see if it would still be possible to analyze some global issue, even the representation of women, for example, in ATLA as a Lang and Lit EE. I mean, it's very similar to what I'm doing now, but something I'm much more excited about.

I figured it'd be best to ask the IB community before pushing the idea further with my school. Any opinions/suggestions?

TLDR: can I write an analysis of avatar: the last airbender for my Lang and Lit extended essay?


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