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Engineering in University

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Hey all,

I am an IB diploma student (grad 21) and I'm hoping I could get hear some opinions from some of you.

I'm considering to apply for an engineering program in universities in either US or Canada. 

I am currently taking Chemistry HL , Physics HL, and Math SL, and I'm concerned if taking Math at standard level will affect my application. 

In some universities like University of Toronto for example, they "suggest Math HL" but it's not a MUST.

Any tips or opinions are welcomed. 






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Usually if they recommend it, I think it would mean that you can get in without it, but for the most competitive unis they would take those who have Maths HL first and then "fill" the places left with those who don't have Maths HL but still have a strong application.

Apart from that, I think Maths SL might be not sufficient for the understanding of the content of the course.

So I would strongly advise to have Maths HL (you can exchange it with Chemistry, I believe, because it's not that connected wirh Engineering, I think, and having 2 sciences + Maths HL is really hard). But is there such an option for you? If you're M21, you're almost at the end of the 1st year, so can you still change SL to HL?

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