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I really like the Pearson one for Chemistry together with Pearson Essentials which has all the information summed up - I usually read first the Essentials and then the Textbook itself to "expand" that information.

For Maths we use IBID books, but we're using it for the old syllabus (I believe there is no for the new one yet), but our teacher says that the majority is the same/similar to the previosu SL (I'm at SL AA) and HL (for HL AA), because the HL people use it as well. Our teacher says that it's the most difficult one (with the most difficult exercises), but I personally think that the Haese and Harris has the most difficult exercises (and I use HL one because our teacher gives us a lot of HL tasks at tests). But all of these I mentioned are for the old syllabus (I believe there is already Haese and Harris for the new one), so if you're taking Maths HL AA, you can use them as well, but if it's AI, then that's a completely new course and the textbooks for the old syllabus are completely different.

Hope it helped a bit, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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For Business management I would recommend the Oxford edition, it explains perfectly each unit. My school also offers Kognity, which is an online platform of IB Books, so if you have the opportunity of having Kognity please do so, it goes through everything and it is very easy to understand because it does not use many technical terms, only the required ones. 

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On 4/7/2020 at 11:11 PM, MananRupani said:

Hey guys can y'all please tell me which textbooks are great for the following IB subjects:


SL-Eng A, French B, Business management

Thank you

Oxford edition for BM and the study guide from IB Academy is also really good 

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