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  Hi. Im working on a History IA. I was able to contact a famous historian on Kursk he gave me information regarding issues he faced with section 3. But I also sent him my word document, and he added some comments on to it which I have used to full effect, although not completely. I read though that only my teacher is allowed to help and give advice, and im worried I cant directly quote him on my IA section 3. If I do, they might email him and also ask him if hes helped me write the essay, which although he hasnt, he did write some comments on his own opinion of what I have written.


                        What should I do. Am I allowed these comments and insights by him. 

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Hi there! 

This might be considered a source of primary data, where you conduct interviews to get additional information: should be allowed. 

I didn't do History during the IB, but here's how I can help you further. I happen to have a high-scoring student written sample of a History IA. You can check it out here if you want some ideas/inspiration.

Cheers! Let me know if I helped.  

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