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CAS: What kind of service you can suggest during quarantine time?

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Hello, fellow IB students! How are you doing during your quarantine time and social distancing? 

Recently my CAS adviser told me that even if we are at quarantine, it should not be an excuse for not doing Activity and Service in CAS. I know doing Activity and creativity is quite much simple rather than doing Service, since at this state of circumstances I'm not allowed to go outside. So, I wonder if anyone from other IB schools around the world has the same struggle and is trying to find possible Service ideas for CAS.

Any ideas and help will be appreciated! Stay safe! 🗿


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Hi there! Here are some ideas: 


baking, cooking, start a blog or YouTube channel, sell your stuff on Depop, start photography, start an online book club, write for an online magazine, make some art and maybe share it on an art instagram account.


You could do yoga, try dancing or zumba, go orienteering, etc. 


Take part in the online FridaysForFuture march, plant a tree in your garden, start a letter campaign, crochet hats for people in need, support Greenpeace and other organizations online

Hope this helps!

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