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"Well Worn" EE Topics

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Hello everyone. At the moment I am working on my first draft for my Extended Essay, I am doing English A.

One worry I have is that my choice in topic is 'well worn'. My chosen novel isn't as overdone as books like 1984 or Lolita for example, but it was very popular on its release in the 1990s. I am also studying one of the novel's central themes, but admittedly I am adding some unique spins and analysis.

Would choosing well worn book or topic be a major issue? Thanks for the help!

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If you do a good job of it, no you should be fine. There are no marks for originality. I guess the more well known and written about something is, the more likely the examiner to be familiar with the topic/book, and if you miss something or fail to explore features that they are aware of, I suppose they're more likely to notice. However if you consider the topic thoroughly and can back up your 'unique spins' appropriately, I can't see that you'd have any problems.

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