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St. Roberts chs textbooks HELP

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I am going to st robert chs for the grade 9 pre ib program, and I want to look at what i'm gonna learn beforehand, so if anyone knows which textbooks they use, could you please tell me? Also, if anyone has been there, do they provide textbooks or do I have to buy them myself? Thanks!

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40 minutes ago, Rebecca1223 said:

The textbooks will be provided. You use the same textbooks as the academic classes (pre IB is no different from academic science wise). Also depending on your teacher, they may also provide you coursepacks.

Thanks! Do you happen to know the textbook names?

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On 4/2/2020 at 12:49 AM, Kobe468 said:

Thanks! Do you happen to know the textbook names?

Hey Kobe468, I've been looking all over the forum and pasting some posts that I sent on discord, I was wondering, since you are in St. Robs right now, do you mind answering a few questions about the entrance exam?

Hey, everyone. So... I just read up on the IB entrance exam information and everything else, its' taking place on November the 23rd, which is like, only a month away. Ngl it's way scarier and nerve wrecking when the date of the test is so close. I heard that a big portion of the admission is your grade 7 report card, but my report card from last year is horrible, 88.8 percent average for all of the subjects combined. I honestly don't know anything about the exam and all of the different subjects. In my class rn, I am probably one of the best students in the class educationally (not bragging or anything). The things I was wondering about (if any St. Robs IB students could answer) were:

1. What level/grade will the test be, like what kind of difficulty are we talking about?

2. If any of you know, what subjects will we be tested on?

3. How should I study? I currently am doing lots of PSAT tests

4. I procrastinate way more than the average gr.8 in my class, what should/can I do to stop this, or is it fine and normal to do this? (We're talking about playing videogames during boring classes and copying off of answer sheets when doing the PSATs)

5. Clearly I'm a noob when it comes to IB, what are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to IB?

6. What is the passing score for the entrance exam? For instance, imagine if I got 85% on the test, will I pass or fail?

7. Finally, I'm feeling very nervous, my parents are expecting a lot from me since I let them down when it came to the gifted test. If I fail, my parents say I'm not getting a good job and life. I've already told my family about this, and my mom told me that being nervous is a good thing. Is it really a good thing and I don't like it, how do I not be anxious? I need a pep talk lol.


Thanks to all who took their time reading all these words and worries! Any advice would help me a ton. Thanks again for helping me! Also, good luck to you all on future exams!

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