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Hi, I am currently in the process of choosing a subject and topic for my EE and I still don't know what to do. Kind of stressed as we have to submit out proposal in two days so I really need some help. 

I am thinking of either doing a Biology EE or a world studies EE (combining economics and biology) 

For my Biology EE I am thinking of doing a research on which type of fertiliser can help best with plant growth? Do you guys think this is a good topic to investigate? Will it get me a high mark? 

On the other hand, for my world studies EE, I am thinking of looking into socioeconomics of countries such as comparing them and see how it affects the spread of diseases. For example, does richer countries do better in controlling the spread of diseases than poorer countries? (My teacher has suggested looking at maybe SARS and how different countries prevented it and compare, but my teacher said that it will be hard to find suitable datas to compare so I really don't know what I can do)

Does anyone have any advice or ideas as to what I could do? Thank you!

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You're better off going with something simple, solid and analysable within 4000 words, where you've covered all the relevant bits of research and come to a good conclusion. 

The fertiliser topic is potentially a bit boring, but I can see no reason you couldn't get a good score if you do it well and thoroughly.

The impact of socioeconomics on the spread of disease is something that could probably span several volumes of textbooks, it's a very complicated issue with myriad socioeconomic factors to address and account for. Unless you want to drill it down into something a lot more specific that you could deal with comprehensively (and even then it would be a bit of a statistics nightmare, trying to account for external factors), I think you'd be mad to try and cover that in 4000 words.

The second one sounds interesting, but it's not appropriate for an EE really. If you're interested in a good mark, you need to do something which can be addressed, explored and then wrapped up within the scope of an EE.

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