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Can I re-do my IAs before my exams?

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I know that you're allowed to redo your IAs after you've done your exams (or choose to redo both exams and IA) but is it possible to do this while still in dp2 before sitting my finals (nov 19)? I just think I messed up my bio IA and my WIT essay could have been better. If so, do you have to start completely from scratch or can I just improve on what was already submitted? I'm pretty sure the school doesn't even send the WIT essay of to be marked until later this year too. I don't mind if I have to pay a fair bit to redo them too because it's very important since I don't test that well. Any help much appreciated, thanks!

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You'll have to ask your school what their internal policy is, but basically the IBO only requires coursework to be sent to them towards the end of IB2. So if your school is happy for you to re-do things, there's no reason you can't come up with other versions of the coursework at any time right up until the deadline when it needs to be sent off. Ask your teachers. They will also be the ones who know the deadlines for coursework submission.

You should have to do a new one from scratch, rather than improve on what has already been submitted, because you'll presumably have some kind of feedback on what's already been submitted from your teacher, and they're not allowed to help coach you through these assessments. I cannot account for what your school's policy on this will be, but that is technically how it should go.

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