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Correlation of IGCSE Eng score and IB Eng B

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This is the first time to use a forum, so if I am posting at a wrong category, tell me.

I got A for my IGCSE english language last year. (still cannot believe- I was expecting B for it)

I chose English A SL for my IB, but I thought English B HL would be a better choice for me... so I visited the IB coordinator, but every time she rejected because of my IGCSE score. She told me that there is a policy in IB that a student that got a high score (over B? over A?) cannot change to English B even though it is HL; but all the other teachers said that there is no such policy like that. Also, I heard that other student in the school that scored well for their IGCSE eng changed to Eng B.

Is there really a policy that restricts student to attend Eng B HL if their IGCSE eng score is high?

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