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Under strict licenced conditions I think it should be fine for some civilian people to keep low powered recreational guns, for instance farmers and hunters. There should be well enforced legislation regarding how they must be kept (locked away unless in use) and so on.

Nobody beyond that needs a gun for anything, and certainly nobody needs to own a high powered gun or an automatic weapon. It is safer for all of society if access to guns is strictly limited. 

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if you carry a weapon, your government REALLY starts to be careful, which is great, but it can get dangerous if someone with a gun is not emotionally stable or something like that.

if you are not allowed to have a gun, then it makes you vulnerable against those who have a gun...


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My mum and her family used to live on a farm in Toodyay (two-jay). They owned three guns to shoot at foxes (apparently they never hit any), and for putting down sheep and the like. These guns all required a licence and reason and had to be stored by the police department when the family moved to the city and the reason was no longer there. I think this is a fair way to control guns, and, as you could assume, gun violence is much lower here in 'Straya than in the US of A. As for self defence, since you can be confident that the people around you aren't concealing a firearm, you are less likely to be seriously injured in a mugging, as you can run from knife weapons, but two people with guns pointing at each other is not a safe situation. Even if you shot first, the force or shock of the shot often causes the other person to pull the trigger, either by jumping, or the bullet hitting them because YOU SHOT SOMEONE.

Anyway, what's the fuss with your precious second amendment, anyway? People are so unwilling to even consider giving it up.

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