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Chem IA Extension Help Iodine Number and Soaps

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Hi, so my topic for the chem IA is current "What is the effect of the iodine numbers in different oils and fats on the properties of soap they are made into?". I am finding the iodine numbers of grape seed oil, sunflower oil, lard, butter and olive oil and comparing these values to the state of matter that the soaps made out of these oils are (which I am finding from an online database). In that, with talk about unsaturation I can only find a connect to how soft or hard the soap will be from my previous knowledge in IB bio/ the biochemistry part of the chem textbook, nothing on sensitive skin or effectiveness of soap which is what I really wanted to talk about. Is this good enough for a project? Or any ideas on something to add to my project to make it more chemistry related?

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