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What’s better doing a gap year and taking chemistry hl or re doing grade 11 and taking it than

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Hiii everyone I need urgent help,

Currently I am at the end of grade 11 and realized that a path that I want to take in the near future is medicine as I am really interested in the whole field especially taking it into dermatology or esthetic medicine. Unfortunately the problem is that I don’t take Chemistry (I am thinking of mostly applying in Europe)my current subjects are: HL bio, visual arts and history and my SL are: English A, self taught and maths AP. I was looking at foundation courses but I found only three very competitive Uk unis that offer it for non British EU students. I don’t think it’s a very smart idea to rely on this and so I am becoming very desperate and scared at the moment. I found two very challenging but possible ways into med school (if ofc I’ll be able to get the right grades), to be honest I don’t know which one is better anymore. The first one is to of course finish my studies in the current school and take a gap year afterwards to do chem and the second one which is a little more bazar is to move schools and start Ib all over again. It’s good to know that I am not a strong chemist at all and am very worried about  studying it, especially alone. If I would decide to move schools and re do Ib (the school allows me to do that) I could leave my current school earlier and already start preparing for next year (it’s kind of like a mini gap year) by getting tutors and online courses. This would require me to spend more time in the Ib program but again I am not strong at chemistry at the moment so maybe it’s better to do it this way? I believe that if I focus and work hard I’ll be able to reach my goal as I am doing pretty good in my other subjects and all I need is that chem. But like I don’t really know, was someone maybe in a similar situation or has any idea of what I should do?

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