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Next Years IB Course Choices

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Hey guys, brand new to the website so here's my first post :


I'm starting the IB next year after finishing my fifth year of MYP (Middle Years Programme). I am currently debating between some course choices and was wondering if anyone had opinions about them. Keep in mind I would like to study Accounting and Finance, my current average grade is 5.7/7 and my strongest subjects are English, Math (Extended) and Humanities or Science.

My current choices are :

HL : Economics, English Lang & Lit A, Global Politics 

SL : Math AA, Physics and my mother tongue Finnish A Lit

I am trying to get my Finnish switched to B HL, however, my college counsellor is pressuring me hard to choose A SL as he feels B HL would be "too easy"...

I appreciate all replies and if anyone wants more information I will be glad to give it.

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