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What do you want to do later? 

What is the major that you are looking forward to study? 

Just to remind you, there are some subject combinations that are required for entering universities so checking the university requirements is strongly recommended. 



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What do you want to study?

This is really important when choosing subjects.

Personally, I take both Chem SL and English HL. Chemistry is one of my hardest subjects, it takes a lot of time to really understand the topics. I have also been told that psychology is super hard, and a lot has to be memorised.

Hope this helps

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For IB chemistry HL/SL students:

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On 3/11/2020 at 8:24 PM, marianaorjuela08 said:

i am choosing my IB subjects in this moment, what do you think of: HL English, psychology, design tech and SL Spanish, math and chemistry 

It definitely depends on what university programs you're planning to apply to and what you find interest in. You have to find some aspects of these subjects interesting or you will burn out very quickly. 

If you're doing a full diploma you might need to take more courses-not entirely sure. This means you need to choose 2 more subjects. I highly recommend doing courses which may be relatively easy to score high in (but this also depends on how you study). I can memorize fairly easily, so HL History is pretty easy for me. 

My school makes specific streams for us to choose from, so we didn't have to do our own course selection. There's streams like Life Sciences, Engineering, General Arts, and Business, and they have the required courses for those types of university programs. It's very helpful and I wish more schools did this- you should suggest it to your IB coordinator. I'm in the life sciences stream and I'm taking HL Bio, HL Eng, HL History, SL French, SL Chemistry, and SL Math. There's TOK included in the course load too!

Good luck in choosing your subjects!

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