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Spanish B Extended Essay

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Hi Guys!

I'm planning to write my EE in Spanish B in category 3. I am want to analyse a theme in poetry but I am not sure how advanced this analysis actually needs to be. My Spanish teacher said I need to use all the literary vocabulary and go in-depth but I can't imagine that in Spanish B they expect an extremely developed and detailed analysis. If anyone wrote one in the past or knows about this please help!
Thankss :)



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I am doing my EE on English B, so I guess it is similar. I am doing category 2b though, so it might be a little bit different. I believe that any language B is focused on the language itself rather than other things. So, what you should do is analyse the language on the poem you want to approach. I am taking Spanish A, and we use several tools to analyse different texts. It is unlikely that the IB will ask the same thing they ask from Language A to Language B. You should look at examples of Spanish B EEs, but on category 3, as categories change the aim of the essay. Hope this helped. Good luck!

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