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EE Subjects that only rely on internet sources?

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Hi IB Survival,

TL;DR: Is there a subject I can write about using only internet sources and not get ****ed by IB?

For those who want to read (please do):

I'm currently in DP1 and we're supposed to have our EE research questions in. I intended on writing mine in biology (lab experiment) and lo and behold, our school is shut down for a month (maybe more) because of the lovely coronavirus. I figured its in my best interest to change the subject (or topic at least) to something that doesn't need much firsthand data collection. I know it will be much more of a pain in the ass to look for reliable sources. I am aware of that. So if anyone here would be kind enough to provide some advice on what subject to write about, and (pretty please) include an example of a general topic (not asking for a research question, just a general topic) that has a lot of information written about it with just internet sources and wont get me ****ed by the IB.

Thank you so much


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If you'ee in DP1, you don't have to do your EE yet. Obviously it's good to have an idea, research question and a plan for it, but you have a lot of time to carry out the experiment.

You could do a secondary data EE in Bio even, but they tend to get worse grades than the primary data ones.

So if you want to do an EE in Biology, I would advise to wait and carry out the experiment later when the whole thhing about coronavirus is over and the school's open again.

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