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Failing EE = Total fail?

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Hello my friends in misfortune who started or already doing or even finished IB.

I'm a bit dead now as I've done almost 2 years and 2 months away from the finish. Got good offers from top UK unis, planning on doing film studies, it was all good. Just got a piece of information that the supervisor and coordinator are almost completely sure that my EE would fail. They had a formal meeting with me where they asked me tricky questions like "when was the interview", "how does your interviewee looked like" etc. and got a conclusion that there is a serious concern of academic dishonesty. Sorry, I didn't think I had to take photos of a guy I was interviewing with a ducking thumbs up and smiling but because there is no evidence - it is made up. So, moreover, they will send to the IB information that facts say that my data is nothing. Wtf I have to do? I offered them that I will just go and redo stuff asap but they said it's too late and they've already given me suggestions. All they said is "I am not in charge but I might think that you need more supporting data". And it was like that for a long time. Everyone was not in charge. But now they are in charge of failing my EE. Are there any chances to appeal their decision after getting IB answer? And why it can't be ducking simple? I know that 90% of my U6 didn't put photos and recordings but I was a target for some reason.

Thanks for any help and advices.


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Hi Welcome to the forum.
It is unfortunate to hear how much distrust teachers have in their students. I don't know what EE this is, but I am not sure why photographs with an interviewee is necessary. I assume the matter is settled but don't admit to anything they accuse you of. Try to talk to an adult at the school who will listen to you. As for the EE, all you need to get to pass is 20% and it is marked by an external examiner. While it is inappropriate to make up sources, and I don't believe you did that, your teachers do not have enough evidence. Most academic dishonestly flagged by IB are people who basically print off someone one else's work. I honestly think you can pass if you write more than 3000 words on the topic, even with circumstantial data (again I don't know what subject this is). This is hard but try not to think about this and focus on any remaining IAs and the final papers. 

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I hate how IB is extremely dependent on school and teacher's discretion of students and how much power they have on determining a student's fate. 

However I am currently forced to take IB because of my parent's unwillingness to let me change schools. 

The subjects i take, englishA sl chineseA sl Math AA hl, physics hl, economics hl chemistry hl are easy on their own but when teachers are not working in your favor you could get whatever high marks you have but still not get full marks in EE or TOK as well as the IAs. With a "you fail one, you fail everything" attitude, it puts us students in high pressure and demand good quality of work in the same time. 

With the current situation in my place (Hong Kong) where all schools are closed and teachers resort to online lessons. I find it practically impossible to produce the high work quality to get the grades my parents desire (>42) as teachers are not working in my/ my classmates's favor towards extended essay.

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@A7G5S89 I kinda see water you are saying (obligatory chem joke). As a moderator I'm also obligated in saying avoid tangential comments in threads, as a forum rule. 

In context of the original post, the EE is externally marked. Basically 20%+ means you pass. End of story. 

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