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I am thinking about doing my EE in Computer Science but I am not anywhere close to a topic. I've tried to do research on good topics for Computer science but all the examples seem so very complicated that 1. I'm scared (even though in our normal Computer science classes I have no problems following and completing assignments + all other EE topics in other subjects look threatening too) and 2. I don't want to plagiarise anyone else so everything that I see and could consider I sorta dismiss.

So far I've seen various stuff about cryptopathology, data compresion and data structures. Are these the "traditional topics" for Computer science? And does that make them overdone?

I'm wondering if you can insert stuff from other subjects into computer science. Right now I'm thinking if there might be a way to link renewable energy, but since I can't really think of a "one-step" link I'm probably going to dissmise it. Could devising algorithms for traditional board games + something else be appropriate for an EE?

I've got about a month to decide on a topic (school's guidelines that I should probably follow to avoid procrastination).

This is straying a bit off topic but my second subject choice would be Math. I am holding back on that because at my school much more students do a math EE than a computer science one and the math teacher is no the very best with English. (It isn't just because of the teacher or how she might have to spread her attention, I have no ideas about math topics as well) .

I realize this whole thing is a bit of a mess, but if anyone can spare a bit of time that would be greatly appreciated

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