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Benefits for IB Certificate Students????

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I am a certificate student and currently taking IB Chemistry HL, Biology SL, English SL and Math SL. I feel like l'm taking all the core subjects in IB but I won't get a diploma since I am a certificate student. I'm planning to study medical science but would certificates for these courses also help getting into competitive universities? I mean I don't regret taking certificate courses but some other full ib kids tell me that my choices are stupid :(

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Although you won't get an IB Diploma, you will still earn a provincial high school diploma (as long as your province's high school diploma requirements are met).

Your IB classes are assigned to provincial course codes. For example, I'm from Ontario and I'm taking Math SL. I will receive credit for MHF 4UI (advanced functions) and MCV 4UI (calculus and vectors).

Because you are a certificate student, you would apply to university as a regular non-IB student, and your IB classes will be inputted as their corresponding provincial course codes. Your IB grades will be converted to percents (eg. a level 5 converts to an Ontario 88-92%).

However, some international universities might require IB diploma. But for Canada that's all there is.


Taking IB certificate might even help you get into competitive programs (in Canada, at least). I myself am a partial student and I was able to take easier elective courses that boost my admission average.

If you plan to study in Canada, you have nothing to worry about. Maybe those full IB students are just salty that you get more electives than they do :)

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Thank you so much for the advice 🙂 So when converting IB courses into regular courses, for example, if I’m taking Chemistry hl, would it convert to regular chemistry 11 and 12 or more advanced course? (ex. If i get a 6 on chem HL, do universities recognize it as 90-96% as a regular chemistry course or would it be 90-96% as an advanced chemistry course?)

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As far as I know, your IB classes are converted to regular course codes.

For SL and HL courses, you get both the grade 11 and grade 12 credits. For HL courses, you get an additional grade 12 credit. You will receive a percent grade at the completion of each of these credits.

Since you are taking chem HL, you will earn chem 11, chem 12, and the third course will be assigned an official provincial course code. The third course covers first year university chemistry. This is why some uni programs will allow transfer credits for HL subjects - you would have already done that first year content.

Of course, things can vary from province to province and from school to school. Be sure to ask your guidance counsellor or teachers for verification regarding course credits.

Also, if you're interested in seeing one way that course credits are assigned, I have attached an image of how my school does it.

I hope this helps!


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