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Hello kind humans who have stumbled upon this post: 

I applaud your effort to find this topic, please allow me to introduce moi, moi-self et moi. 

I am currently am, at the moment a student attending grade 8 at the York region PUBLIC school board, and I’m attending St. Robert Catholic School in Thornhill, Ontario for the 2020-21 school year, and will graduate at St. Robert (hopefully) in the spring of 2024. 

I have successfully made it into the predatory IB program at the school and have already submitted that gigantic package that came after the acceptance letter and gave it to the office, accepted with no problem. 

But, since it is a York Region CATHOLIC school, and I’m transferring from a public school I’m not going to be able to select my courses through the MyBlueprint/MyPathwayPlanner system like everyone else staying in the public school system. I am aware that YRCDSB also has the same system; but I cannot access that system to put in my courses, and all course selection is on that sheet that I gave to the office. 

Is that enough information to have me get into the required pre-ib classes at St. Robert? Because the high school panic is also staring to set in because I’m seeing everybody choose courses at guidance while I sit and do nothing because I’m “that” kid who’s going to a catholic school. 

Also, I am also aware of the fact that I need to take a full course load, plus religion. I’m wondering if the religion takes up one elective slot or is there some courseload schedule that has 8 courses instead of the 5 requirements, two electives, plus one religion?

Thanks for coming on this topic, hope you can give an answer! Will be looking forward to a reply thanks! 


Thanks sheeple, 

Weird 8th grade human being. 

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Congrats on being accepted into St. Robs' pre-IB program! I also transferred from YRDSB to YCDSB and attend St. Robs.

You are right that there are two elective slots. One elective slot is meant for your phys. ed elective, and the other you can choose any elective of your choice, which I assume you already have down. Religion is not an elective and is a compulsory course. Don't worry about the fact that you can't access your MyBlueprint just yet, because you will be given your login information/YCDSB account once you start grade 9. 

Even if you aren't sure about your courses, you also get a course verification sheet I believe sometime in May? Not too sure about that one, but honestly you're probably fine. Your grade 9 course choices don't affect much at all.

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You should contact St. Robert's for advice. While for some reason we have a high concentration of pre-IB questions from York Region, Canada on this forum, this is a technical question best addressed by the school boards and the school. 

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